Our Mission

The mission of Americans For Clean Energy Jobs is to promote awareness of jobs in the renewable power sector and their vital importance to the prosperity, health and national security of the United States.

We work toward this goal by organizing and mobilizing the broadest movement of clean energy workers and communities for marches, press events, ads, videos, social media and speaking directly to our elected representatives.

We believe the most effective spokespeople are the experts in their field: clean energy workers, engineers and entrepreneurs to advocate for renewable power; doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to talk about how clean energy protects Americans’ health; economists to discuss the job creation and economic benefits of renewables; and military leaders who explain how clean energy is a top national security priority and makes our nation stronger, safer and more resilient.

Americans For Clean Energy Jobs is a nonprofit organization that strives to speak to voters on all points of the political spectrum, especially independents.

By uniting clean energy workers, communities and advocates, we know that we can and will build a 100% clean energy economy to ensure a future of prosperity, health, freedom and security for America.

Protecting American workers during the transition to 100% clean energy

As America builds an economy based on 100% clean energy, millions of good jobs will be created in construction, manufacturing, infrastructure and other fields. A smaller number of workers in the oil, coal and gas industries will be displaced, and that’s why we advocate for no-cost retraining, education and job placement, as well as unemployment benefits while the shift is taking place. We also strongly support locating clean energy industries in communities that are especially effected by the economic shift. Ensuring good jobs with security, benefits and fair pay for working Americans is crucial for the clean energy transition.

What exactly is “clean energy”?

Clean energy comes from sources that are “renewable,” meaning they will never run out, and have the most benefits for Americans’ health. These sources include solar, wind and geothermal power, as well as some forms of hydro-electric and biomass (plant-based) fuels. Electric transportation, energy efficiency, electric grid infrastructure and energy storage are also all vital components of the clean energy economy.

“Dirty energy” comes from sources that are dangerous for workers’ and communities’ health and are non-renewable, meaning they will run out. These sources include oil, coal, gas and nuclear.

What is a “100% clean energy economy”?

A 100% clean energy economy runs completely on solar, wind, water, biomass and geothermal sources. In addition to large, centralized energy production from solar and wind farms, individuals and communities can produce their own energy from decentralized solar panels and wind turbines.

Electrical power is then distributed over a “Freedom Grid” that allows people and companies to buy, sell and share energy. For example, if you produce energy from rooftop solar panels or wind turbines on your property, you can then sell that energy through the grid.

Energy storage, through large batteries and other technologies, would allow us to still have power at night or when the wind is not blowing.