Good Jobs

Building a 100% clean energy economy would create over 5 million jobs in manufacturing, operations and construction and help America rebuild a strong middle class. In fact, the top two fastest-growing jobs in America right now are solar panel installer and wind turbine technician. Already, clean energy employs more Americans than dirty energy, and more than Apple, Facebook and Google combined.

In addition to solar panel and wind turbine techs, some of the clean energy jobs that are being created include construction workers making buildings more energy efficient; factory workers building wind turbines, solar panels and electric vehicles; and technicians, engineers and designers updating the electrical grid and building a nationwide network of charging stations for electric vehicles.

At a time when American workers are facing massive job losses from seismic shifts in the economy, including the advent of self-driving cars and trucks, clean energy is a powerful engine of job creation. There will be some jobs lost in the dirty energy sector, but the job creation in clean energy will far outpace any losses. Americans For Clean Energy Jobs advocates for no-cost retraining, education and job placement opportunities, as well as unemployment benefits, for any and all displaced workers from the dirty energy sector.

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Healthy Families

Every year, up to 200,000 Americans die from toxic pollution caused by dirty energy like oil, coal and gas. The burning of coal dumps poisons into our air and water including lead and arsenic. Oil spills and gas drilling poison our drinking water. Exhaust from cars and trucks causes asthma, cancer and other diseases. Most alarming, air pollution has been shown to damage babies’ brains.

All these health problems cost American taxpayers billions every year.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We could protect Americans’ health and save millions of lives and taxpayer dollars by switching to clean energy. Energy produced from solar and wind, along with electric vehicles, dramatically reduces toxic emissions, and helps protect the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Affordable Power

Clean energy from solar and wind is rapidly becoming cheaper than power from dirty sources like oil, coal, gas and nuclear. And clean energy prices will continue to plummet, while non-renewable energy sources will see unpredictable price spikes in coming years.

What’s more, individuals and communities have the freedom to produce their own affordable power by installing solar panels and wind turbines on their property, and can sell the excess energy for a profit. It just doesn’t make economic sense anymore to dig up expensive, toxic dirty fuel from the ground, when we can harness cheap, clean power from the sun and wind.

To ensure a future of American prosperity, we must build a clean energy infrastructure that guarantees a steady supply of affordable power.


Clean energy is all about Americans’ freedom. Freedom to produce our own power from solar panels and wind turbines on our property, so we’re not beholden to dirty energy corporations. Freedom from the corrupting influence of dirty energy CEOs, who spend millions of dollars to buy crooked politicians and misinform the American people. Freedom from wars to control other countries’ oil. And freedom from the toxic pollution that is poisoning our nation’s air and water.

Clean energy gives working Americans the freedom to produce our own affordable power, breathe fresh air, drink clean water, make our nation secure, and have a democracy that is once again of, by and for the people.

National Security

Many U.S. generals and other military experts say clean energy is a top national security priority, and we need to vastly expand our renewable power infrastructure to make our nation stronger, safer and more resilient.

Too many American lives and taxpayer dollars have gone toward controlling oil resources in other countries, which has in turn fomented resentment toward our great nation. Our current energy infrastructure, which is based almost entirely on dirty oil, coal, gas and nuclear, is vulnerable to attacks, as well as unpredictable price spikes from chaotic global politics. And the climate crisis, which is being caused by dirty energy, is increasing droughts, flooding, storms and disease around the globe, which is fanning the flames of war and the largest refugee crisis in world history.

In other words, dirty energy is undermining the national security of the United States, spreading conflict and destabilizing the world. Not only would clean energy make the world safer and more stable, it would also make our nation’s energy infrastructure stronger and more resilient in the face of intensifying storms and possible attacks. We must build a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 in order to protect the security of our nation.